With over 90 million cases filed in the nation's 17,500 courts every year, more than 1.5 billion documents are generated in U.S. state courts. Increasing storage and handling costs force courts to cut corners to deal with this ever-increasing mountain of paperwork. More than $2.5 billion is spent annually on storage alone; $11 billion is spent on delivering documents to the court; court personnel expenditures associated with paper filing account for as much as 90% of a court's operating budget. Overworked judges, court administrators, court clerks, and attorneys are forced to deal with the delays of a paper-based system. Files get lost, time is spent shuffling paper, cases are delayed, and most importantly, justice is delayed.

counterclaim has developed innovative judicial information management solutions to help courts deal with this judicial logjam. The counterclaim solutions allow court staff and attorneys to use their time more efficiently. From the desk of the attorney to the desk of the judge, judicial information travels electronically. Cases and documents are no longer lost, less paper is generated, and workflow becomes more efficient as less staff is needed to handle documents.

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